Welcome To Golden Paw Productions

Sending Students to the annual Sundance Film Fest only scratches the surface of what Golden Paw Productions does. We’re a group of passionate UC Berkeley & Berkeley City College film students who collaborate to produce high quality short films, commercials, music videos,  web series and media campaigns to businesses and friends of our community.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Golden Paw Productions to watch our exclusive coverage of Sundance 2017. Last year, our student team managed to produce more then 60 episodes of exciting content! Interested in learning more about Sundance and our program? Are you a Cal or BCC student, faculty, alumni, friend, or affiliate? Or maybe you’re thinking about applying! Visit our UC Berkeley web site!sundance-film-festivalOur Web Series That Documented our challenging Journey to Sundance!










To watch more of our web series and find out if we make it to Sundance visit our YouTube channel:  Golden Paw Productions

Thank you for your support!

GPP Founder & Executive Director Brennan Maclean


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