Three Top Sundance Films Sold To The Highest Bidder!

The hope of every filmmaker who submits their film to Sundance dreams of getting it picked up by a major motion picture studio by the time the festival is over. These 3 masterfully made movies have all been sold to the highest bidder:

  1. The Birth of a Nation hit a new record when the film was picked up and signed a distribution deal with Fox Searchlight on Tuesday for $17.4 million according to Variety.the-birth-of-a-nation.26564.16612_BirthofaNation_still3_NateParker__byElliotDavis
  2. Equity really came out with a bang at Sundance. Sony Classics picked up this female-led drama about women and their rising roles on Wall Street.1453826385139
  3. Morris From America premiered at Sundance and A24 dished out 7 figures in order to   secure distribution rights to this incredible comedic yet warm film about an African- American dad and his 13 year old son, who struggle to survive in a predominately white neighborhood in Germany.


Check back at the Hack Tab to see who’s writing the next check to secure rights the best Sundance Shows!

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