Why I Fled Bombay in Just 3 Days

Bombay, the city that never sleeps. Like New York in the far east. I’ve met a lot of friends already. Sebastian and I are staying in one of the nicest parts of the city in a state called Maharashtra. It’s a little perplexing I admit when people tell me “Oh yes this is the best part of the city, very expensive here.” Because I don’t see it that way. 


But as a matter of fact, I just learned yesterday that the hotel that we pass by almost every day was the one Obama stayed while he was here in India. It’s called the Taj. No Mahal. Just Taj. It’s a nice hotel, skyscraper and it’s right in front of the Gateway to India, Bombay’s most attractive tourist destination. People flock here by the thousands everyday to lay their eyes on the picture above. It’s an archway or gateway as they say. Built for the King and Queen of England back in 1911, it was intended for them to walkthrough it in a grand fashion.

Problem was when they showed up and docked, the structure hadn’t even been close to completion. So what do you do? Improvise…and make a gateway replica out of cardboard. Why not right? Easy. And like nothing, both the King and Queen in all their glory marched through this cardboard gateway to their residence a few blocks up, a massive mansion. The route was to cruise up through the Bay of Bengal and when they touched land, receive welcome into Bombay by a huge gateway.

Back to why I fled Bombay in just three days. I’m at the international airport here in Bombay waiting to catch the next plane to a chill beach town about 10 hours driving time south of here called Goa. Described by people here as a chill place with beautiful clean sand and Arabian sea water, Goa is where I’m going to meet the man I’m here for, Q. Goa is also where the annual massive trance fest is held at the local beach, Anjuna. CAM00143

Director of a Sundance 2016 film called Braham Naman, Q and I linked up after the festival through an acquaintance. Next thing you know, I’m flying to Bombay with my son to work with him on his latest film project. Is that why I fled Bombay? Yeah in short. But I may have fled regardless. Reason being: EXTREME CULTURE SHOCK. Let me just say that being White in India aint easy. Think I’m crazy? Be on the look out, subscribe for updates to my blog to learn just how being white in India is like being black in Beverly Hills…only worse. Coming up before that though is a killer and quick blog about my arrival in Goa and the epic journey that led to me landing right on a film set with Q in Goa upon arrival. Heres Q doing some camera op as I work on camera B with my co-worker.

1466401961422 (1).jpg

Yeah That’s Me On The Right, Face Off Style!


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