Winter in Utah 2016

I bet your butt you’re wondering what to expect in Utah in January huh? Read on you brave one!


Winter in Utah…the sound of that phrase has a rugged emphasis to it. The snow peaked Wasatch mountain range with swirling gusts of snow dancing off its precipice, the sturdy pines casting their shadows onto desolate traverses; it is a parallel of nature’s beauty and power and for those aptfor adventure and exposure in these mountains during the frigid months, there is justonechoice; Skiing. In fact, Utahan’s think so highly of this high-speed sport that their license plate featuresa skier cutting through moguls of “The Best Snow on Earth”.After my return from a New Jersey Christmas, Imade it priority to experience this sport despite some trepidationfrom my lack of experience. Ientered this opportunity with the ‘fake it till you make it’mentality and learned a lot about my inner character in doing so.

My first go at skiing Mt. Timpanogos (Wasatch range) was at the famed Robert Redford resort, Sundance. A…

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