2016 Vision

The 2016 Vision            

Mission Statement

Our objective is to strengthen the Cal creative community by showcasing its immensely talented students, alumni and faculty. We plan to execute this mission by cultivating a culture of mentorship between Cal students, alumni, and faculty.

The Vision

This Fall GBP has gone where no student group has ever gone before in our University’s 147 year history! We’re truly revolutionizing our school and transforming our lives! We’ve set out and recruited 24 undergrads to be a part of a production crew filming 48 episodes, airing three times a week, documenting our day to day efforts for our GBP at Sundance Web Series.

The Method

GBP will aim to raise funds by reaching out to the community and inviting them to get involved and support our project to make it to Sundance. Starting in August 2015 our episodes will document:

  • Crowd funding via Kickstarter
  • Grant writing
  • Production meetings
  • Fundraising events
  • Alumni and faculty mentoring and support
  • Interviews with Department Chairs, faculty, and others as we seek out sponsorship
  • Navigating through the maze of University bureaucracy to find funding. We need to raise $18,000 to pull this off!
  • Technical and Film Production training for team members

This web series will then journey on to the pinnacle of Festivals, SUNDANCE, where we will interview Berkeley alumni and affiliate filmmakers by showcasing their work and success on YouTube. Last year, a few GBP’s partnered up with the Cal at Sundance organization and interviewed Cal alumni such as actor Chris Pine, actress Idil Ibrahim, editor Dominic Laperriere, director Jesse Moss, and Academy Award winner and director Megan Mylan just to name a few.

At Sundance

  • Interviews on the press line with iconic Cal alumni who are having their films featured
  • Speaker panels
  • Our behind the scenes work. For example, data wrangling, editing, offloading, and airing each episode daily
  • Reflections on what we are learning from the advice given by Cal alumni, speaker panels and films

After Sundance, we’ll return to Cal having been fully transformed by our experiences. We will compile all our episodes into a documentary that will be submitted to festivals, foundations such as Berkeley Film Foundation, and various university departments for awards, acclaim, and recognition.

This documentary will serve as a powerful marketing piece and showcase the talent and skills of Cal students their alumni and faculty. It will also serve to inspire other students across the nation to go beyond the classroom to create their own projects!

And ultimately we hope it will be a motivator for prospective students to apply to Cal to be apart of the GBP at Sundance web series team.

2016 Partners and Sponsors

  • The Cal Alumni Association (CAA) who supports us by requesting press credentials on behalf of California Magazine.
  • Pacific Magazine who supports us by requesting press credentials on behalf of their media outlet.
  • The Film and Media Department here at Cal who is our Official Sponsor.
  • The Media Studies Department who offers team members academic internship credit for advanced undergraduates.
  • Agundis Tire Shop, our corporate sponsor.
  • Our partner LYFT.