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                  Werner Herzog  


Werner Herzog is a German filmmaker who has been popularized since the 1960s. He is one of the most influential figures behind the New German Cinema movement. His films often showcase heroes overcoming obstacles to achieve impossible dreams. Such films include Fitzcarraldo, Stroszek, and the more recent Grizzly Man. Beyond his influence in German New Cinema, Herzog is a prominent figure in international filmmaking, as well as being a Sundance favorite. This year, his documentary will debut at Sundance 2016, “LO AND BEHOLD, Reveries of the Connected World” in which he hopes to explore the inner workings of a world connected by the Internet, and the threats associated with its collapse. Be sure to check back at the HackTab after the film’s World Premiere on January 23rd to read the riveting review!

Riley Miller, UPM


One word: LAYERS! Assuming you’re at Sundance to watch some movies, you will be switching between freezing outdoor lines and heated indoor theaters. The easiest way to guarantee comfort the entire time is to make sure that you can pack layers on while you’re in the cold, and take them off when you step through the doors. There are always essentials when you’re heading to a place as cold as Utah in January…

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  • Throw-over sweaters
    Long sleeves (turtle-necks are BACK, haven’t you heard?!)
    Thermals or leggings as the bottom layer
    Scarves, thick socks, mittens or gloves
    Waterproof (and comfortable) shoes. Don’t be that person wearing heels and trying not to slip on the ice!
    Don’t forget your hand warmers! (A must have for added comfort)
There is a way to look fashionable and still stay warm – no one is going to notice your designer blouse if they’re focused on your chattering teeth. Black jeans, layered on top of a pair of thermal pants, can be paired with any cute snow coat to make a clean look for any press cameras. There are plenty of stores that sell cheap (but trendy!) winter clothes. On the warmer days, you might find tights warm enough with a long, wool dress and your winter coat.
Park City is hilly but will most-likely have snow, and very possibly ice! This year’s temperatures range from low 30s to low 40s, with estimated occasional snowfall and possible rain. Wind speed is expected to remain below 10 mph, but in the case of wind chill, your scarf will be the game-changer in keeping your body temperature up!
If your time at Sundance is substantial, bear in mind that you are in one of the largest ski resorts in America! As long as time and expenses permit, pack up your ski gear and grab a lift ticket. You’ll be shredding the slopes during the day and catching midnight film premieres. With the predicted weather, ski pants and a light ski jacket should be perfect in keeping you warm.
Isabel Gallenberg, Co Executive Producer

Don’t get left in the cold! GBP serves up The Hottest Party List for 2016!

Every January the town of Park City Utah transforms from a quiet, quaint place into an all out Celebrity Lounge Town. With so many Hollywood A Listers roaming around it’s no surprise that killer after parties and places to eat. drink. dance. and maybe even meet your Snow Bunny or Snow…err…Man? BFF at Sundance has located the Top 3 hottest places around Park City for you to enjoy a great night out with friends!


The Tao Crowd
Village at the Lift: 825 Main Street Park City. This spot is celebrating their 14th year helping filmies have fun and this year they’re in full swing once again with filmmakers like Thomas Middleitch, UC Berkeley alumnus James Schamus and Nick Kroll who are expected to be at the venue socializing and having a good time.
“Located at the foot of Main Street in Park City, the three-story, 30,000 square foot venue will celebrate its 12th Anniversary and continue to be a prime asset to the film festival community. Equipped with a café, nightclub, restaurant, portrait studio, state-of-the-art audio and visual capabilities, as well as boasting an occupant capacity of more than 1,000, Village at the Lift will also satisfy important film festival needs as a full service special event venue (pre/post film premieres, casting opportunities), press conference/junket facility and media hub.”
Don’t go home without going here first!


Kia Supper Suite: Well known for hosting a ton of cast dinners and parties all throughout the festival.  Celebrities are slated to attend these fancy feasts, so why don’t you join them? Cheers!
Brennan MacLean, Executive Producer



The Sundance Season is finally here! Can you believe it? And with it comes the newly created HACK TAB: Your #1 source for everything Sundance.
We will be offering up Tips, How To Lists, Advice and Mentorship from Hollywood A Listers and UC Berkeley alumni filmmakers.
There’s no better place to stay in the know then here. Let’s start out with the full Program Guide and the Festival Schedule.
Print-at-home full program guide (48 pages):
Print-at-home Festival schedule (21 pages):




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