2016 Sponsors and Supporters

In 2016, The Sundance project was Sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Film and Media Department.

The 2016 GPP at Sundance Corporate Sponsors:


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.42.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.34.52 AM


 Use code BFF2016 and a part of your ride cost goes to our Sundance Campaign!

 The 2016 GPP at Sundance Official Media Sponsor:


And A Very Special Thanks To All Our Supporters & Donors! 


Amel Eurozoom

Patrick Tomas

Assistant Producers 


Nikita Gill

Erich Luschei

Mark C. Miller

Junior Producers 

Renae Bowman


Rachel Denault

Lily H. Frey

Michael Gallenberg

Bob Johnston

Manreet Kanwar

Evan Kaplan

Angel Maclean

Gail Maclean

Jill Miller

Shelly Pearlman

Marlene Russell

Production Assistants 

Jacob Bayless

Toby Berk

Paige Bierma

Janie Bross

Kevin Chen



Jessie Johnston

Bobby Ge

Ursula Kabatnik-Herbst

Sheila Kastner


Jeanne Koopman

Kyle Liljequist


Claude Lyneis

Mike McGowan

Ina Adele Ray

Steve Sherlock

Donna Sherlock

Alex Thomas

Steve Treseler

Associate Producers

Kevin Chen

 Claire Lacombe


Chris Lin

Grace Liu

Sophia Ng

Stephany Yao

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