The 2017 Vision!


UC Berkeley’s Golden Paw Productions is bigger than ever before. Having achieved greatness last year by shooting 70 webisodes documenting 25 undergraduates as they set out to discover Sundance (see below) to interview some of the most iconic celebrities in the world, GPP is all about making lasting connections and honing your skills to compete in today’s filmmaking industry after graduation.

This year witness and take part in a truly transformative process as we introduce a first of its kind program once again! Learn more about our project last year through our web series on our YouTube channel today! Check us out and be sure to join us at our UC Berkeley Site.

Last year out crew made not just University of California history, but nationwide history by recruiting, equipping, and sending 25 undergraduates to Sundance free of cost to film a web series profiling not just Cal Alumni, but celebrities ranging from Nick Jonas, Matt Damon, Danny Glover, and Elijah Wood to Kevin Smith, Robert Redford, and Richard Linklater!

Our mission was and still is to exude a passionate effort to cultivate a culture of mentorship between students and successful media makers. Through our extensive network, our UC Berkeley ASUC sponsored organization offers its members the necessary credentials needed to access the uber exclusive red carpet areas and afterparties at Sundance where the real VIP networking takes place with today’s top talent from around the world. Our Recruiters last year were mingling with legends such as Norman Lear, James Schamus, Jack White, and Christopher Nolan just to name a few.

The theme for Sundance 2017 will focus on equipping the next set of female filmmakers–those who are currently enrolled students–with the skills needed to succeed in the heavily dominated male industry  that is Hollywood.

GPP is revolutionary in everything that we do and that’s why this year we’ve designed a fantastic female focused program to even the playing field, increase access, and inspire young women across the nation to just get out there, get their voices heard, their films produced, and build their legacies! That’s what matters to us this year as we’ve heard and read from countless sources that the disparity is too disturbing to take any longer.

It’s time to break that old status quo that feeds the grossly unequal landscape that is Los Angeles today. That’s why we’re here to give any and all amazingly talented female creative voices a platform and stage to showcase their skills and creative talent while learning what it takes to be a successful young leader in today’s industry. As a college student, this is your moment to make your mark, show the world and yourself what you are passionate about and how you can make a difference.

Brennan Maclean

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